Welcome to Glaesthetics Ltd

Trading for over 15 years, and with over 30 years in the glass trade, we bring vast experience and knowledge of many aspects of the industry in both commercial and domestic applications. Over the years we have worked on many high class projects, bringing value and aesthetic with exceptional bespoke glass finishes, collaborating with clients, architects, interior designers and builders.


For a clear, unobstructed view, the use of glass balustrade in the right application gives a beautiful, hardwearing and virtually maintenance free finish. Whether internal or external, we have several solutions to match your vision. From the design to the finished product, we guarantee the result will be stunning.

Glass Partitioning

Whether for domestic or commercial use, we can provide you with a seamless solution to split the areas as required. From simple single glazed partition to double glazed, fire rated and switchable (smart) glass the options are varied.